My Artist Statement

For anyone who enjoys art or is an artist.

Sometimes artist statements turn into artist’s statements…this is mine…

“I am whatever my art needs me to be until my work becomes radically genuine to allow itself to have its own unique way of helping our world. Striving towards singular positive alone-ness .Or connective-ness among people.

With relentless experimentation I am unapologetic to the world of humdrum and short fused art that is mass produced for consumerism. Pop culture commodities. Although I can be caught up in it’s cheap yet elaborate tricks from time to time. I have more faith and respect for slow rising art, art that has long lasting relevance and that is eternal. It’s a blessing. My work reflects the dirty, frowned upon corners of our world and is a critical view of it when it needs to be. My art fights ideas and forces that keep our world hateful, divided, unequal and alone. My art also discovers the beauty in these frowned upon corners and pleads compassion towards things we don’t understand.

Why are we so afraid of what we don’t understand? Because we are not connected. I aim to be a connection. A thread, a string, a yarn that will bring us closer together. I aim to be a bridge to connect people all the while making sure to include the very voiceless trolls who lay misunderstood under these bridges.

My dystopic imagination is used to produce works plucked straight from the dream-state laboratory of my mind. This often makes it hard to prescribe a single genre for my work, because it is constantly evolving and taking on the influences of music, film and other artists. The only thing that is consistent is its inconsistency. It’s characteristic of “change”. I would not call myself an emerging artist in the same way one usually does because I continuously emerge. Being born again and again and again.

The way I work is much like a mad scientist, trying to make something new out of something old, abandoned or condemned. I am the gravity that creates the redemption of art. This reflects my own journey of self redemption and making someone good out of myself. I feel my art is a series of discoveries. Wielding my camera as though it were a magnifying glass, enlarging the world around me until all its beauty and blemishes are brought to light.

Reflecting the idea of uncovering truth, and seeing the good in someone is what my “art making” feels like.

Being whatever I need to be to express myself in the truest way requires me to take on different forms of creatives. I can go from being a painter to a musician to an internet oddity if need be, to be completely open and honest expressionistically. So my mediums have no limit. It is just a matter of dismissing my dignity for the art which is determined by my roller coaster like self esteem/confidence.

Inherent darkness persists in my art, Fermented in hallucinogenic colours I try to discover strange, odd and mysterious subjects of denial in the reflection of the world. My work has a sense of urgency and unease. The urgency fused with darkness stems from my critical and paranoid un-photo shopped view of society. Almost never is my work tranquil or in a place of serenity.

My art is a process striving towards understanding my own dreams and emotional compulsions. It is an attempt to understand what I cannot make sense of and ironically leaves a trail of nonsensical breadcrumbs from my open soul. Creating things to control my borderline insanity is the only thing that lets me know I am in fact a real artist.

My favorite art principle is contrast. What I mean by this is the extreme contrast in vibes, ideas and subject matter. The contrast of logical and illogical stimuli. My art clashes in the same way one’s dreams can never make sense to another person. This is part of that contrast and/or contradiction and can sometimes be a creative obstacle.Everything reflects everything in my art. The strong contrast reflects my contradicting nature and my indecisiveness among many other things.

My work comes to me much like the symptoms of tourettes syndrome, abruptly, unthought-of and provocative yet completely true.

No matter how frightening ,maddening or eccentric my work becomes I will always see a greater reflection. My most experimental, radical and often frowned upon Frankenstein creations are; for me the most enriching. For they are the ones that help me progress and become a better artist and a truer/healthier person. If I didn’t have to make art it would never be raw and progressive.

My artist statement is more of a question. What will I do next?

And that really for the most part depends on what I “need” to do next. When making art ‘wanting “to make something is almost always out of the question. I don’t breathe… I inhale, filter and express.

Not even this artist statement is chronologically true.

Some of these things I have done and some I have not. Some of these things I am but some I am not yet. But they are true in the past and true in the future.Nothing is set in stone.There will probably be 20 more versions of this statement before I am happy with it…so the reality is it will never stop changing.

With that I hope to interoperate, personalize, invent, scavenge, incorporate, design, transform, perform, choreograph, curate and create not art…but anything interesting.”

Matthew Beautterror



My music (Or noise)

My music (Or noise)

Hello  there sweet people. I’d like to take a minute to link you to my music I produce. Mostly beats, and instrumentals and some quirky weird OST’s 🙂   So have a peep and give me the feedback I desperately need! Artists need constructive feedback so please speak your soul.  



“Nostalgia” Cover for no reason ;)

“Nostalgia” Cover for no reason ;)

What started off as a character design slowly morphed into this awesome piece of nostalgic fun. Thinking of “Tron” and other movies from the 80′s and 90′s, I started creating the dark purple void. And well once the idea was stuck in my brain I just had to go all the way!

I hope you enjoy it 🙂 Please comment and let me know what You think. I really appreciate feedback 🙂 and If you want me to make something similar or something you have floating around in your head just let me know!

“My World” Why not have a look at some nice art?

As most creative people do working hard in the early hours of the morning , I came up with this. A kind of visual escape, I was inspired by tron, far cry 3 and KiD CuDi.

Other than this, Why not like my Facebook page? Im sure there’s something on there that will visual arouse you 😉 if you enjoy art and/or are an artist yourself feel free to like and share. Spread the love 🙂

My Music and sound art

My Music and sound art

So I thought  I would just link you all to my soundcloud page. DONT WORRY its not full of dance tracks or red fu!

Its mostly cute vibes, little instrumentals and some hip hoppy beats  made with Audacity (the most basic music making program)  by yours truly. Please take a little look through, it would mean the world to me. I make these for you all to enjoy, relate and immerse in so please enjoy the journey. 🙂 

And make sure to like and comment!

My Facebook Art page AHHHHH-please take a peep and enjoy the journey

My Facebook Art page AHHHHH-please take a peep and enjoy the journey

Haven’t posted for a while, But please check out my Facebook page:), Its full of cool art 🙂
Something big is coming and a lot more art is on the go. 🙂